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Weller PT Series Soldering Iron Tips

<P>Chrome-plated long-life tips for Weller TCP, TCPS, TCP 12, TCP 24, TCP 42, FE50 and FE50M soldering irons.</P>
  • Suffix 7 tips, e.g. PTBB7 operate at 370°C
  • Suffix 8 tips, e.g. PTBB8 operate at 425°C
  • Suffix 9 tips, e.g. PTBB9 operate at 480°C
Weller part no.TypeSize / diameterStyleNumberOperating temperature °COrder code
4PTF7-1PTF71.2mmRound, sloped737085-4611
4PTAA7-1PTAA71.6mmRound, sloped737085-4616
4PTBB7-1PTBB72.4mmRound, sloped737085-4621
4PTCC7-1PTCC73.2mmRound, sloped737085-4626
4PTK7-1PTK71.2 x 0.4mmChisel737085-4631
T0054113799PTB72.4 x 0.8mmChisel737085-4625
4PTE7-1PTE75.6 x 1.2mmChisel737085-4636
4PTS7-1PTS70.4mmRound, long737085-4656
4PTO7-1PTO70.8mmRound, long737085-4630
4PTF8-1PTF81.2mmRound, sloped842585-4612
4PTAA8-1PTAA81.6mmRound, sloped842585-4617
4PTBB8-1PTBB82.4mmRound, sloped842585-4622
4PTCC8-1PTCC83.2mmRound, sloped842585-4627
4PTK8-1PTK81.2 x 0.4mmChisel842585-4632
4PTE8-1PTE85.6 x 1.2mmChisel842585-4637
4PTS8-1PTS80.4mmRound, long842585-4657
4PTO8-1PTO80.8mmRound, long842585-4633
4PTAA9-1PTAA91.6mmRound, sloped948085-4618
4PTBB9-1PTBB92.4mmRound, sloped948085-4623
4PTCC9-1PTCC93.2mmRound, sloped948085-4628
T0054113999PTB92.4 x 0.8mmChisel948085-4629
4PTE9-1PTE95.6 x 1.2mmChisel948085-4638
4PTO9-1PTO90.8mmRound, long948085-4634
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