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Planning to buy a range
of enclosures for your latest project?

Then let Rapid help you make it.

Rapid Enclosure Customisation Service


Choose any enclosure from our website. Tell us what holes, cut-outs, recesses and artwork you need. We will take care of the machining and logistics for you. You will simply receive the quantity you ordered, finished and ready to use.

Fill in the form below and let Rapid help you make it.

Alternatively, email and they will be happy to discuss your project with you. Read More...

You could buy standard enclosures and then take time to rig up the equipment required to tap, drill and cut the modifications you need or deal with the logistics of having the work done off site.  Alternatively, you could get Rapid to do the job for you.

With our special modification service we can take the hard work out of enclosure customisation. You just come up with the design and we take care of the rest – saving you all the hassle. We can drill holes precisely and accurately to your individual template no matter what brand of enclosure you choose and in any material – aluminium, ABS or polycarbonate.

You want a recess for a label or keypad? Silk screening? No problem. There’s no need to waste valuable production time waiting for a professional CAD design. Just send us details of your specific requirements and we can take it from there. Don’t worry about wastage caused while you perfect the customisation process. With Rapid’s enclosure modification service you get precisely what you order.

The minimum production quantity for this service is 25 pieces, but there is no maximum limit. Within days of receiving your completed order, we will send you a prototype for your approval. Once you are happy with the design we will proceed with full manufacture to your precise specification.

You may be surprised how much time and money we can save you.

Request an Enclosure Modification

The personal data submitted within this form – name, email address and telephone number – will be used to ensure Rapid is able to contact you and to keep you updated with details of your enquiry. A copy of the form will also be shared with our partners for this service in order to process your enquiry. Your data will not be used for marketing purposes. A copy of this data will be held on file online on a secure UK server for a period of 12 months or until the resolution of your enquiry, whichever is the later. You have the right to contact us to request this data to be erased at any time.