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MH Diecast D Connector Covers

<p>Low-cost, high quality die-cast hoods suitable for demanding RFI/EMI screening requirements.</p>
  • Screening conforms to VDE0871, FCC 20780 and 89/336/EEC
  • Lightweight zinc die-cast shell available in nickel plated over copper or black chromate finishes
  • Attenuation >40dB over range 30MHz to 1GHz
  • Nickel plated (black for black shell) 48mm steel jackscrews
  • Available in top entry or 45° side entry options
Order codeMftrs Part No.
15-1090DTZK9-K9-way Bright nickel
15-1095DTZK15-K15-way Bright nickel
15-1100DTZK25-K25-way Bright nickel
15-1105DTZK9-B-K9-way Matt black
15-1110DTZK15-B-K15-way Matt black
15-1115DTZK25-B-K25-way Matt black
15-1124D45ZK-9-K9-way Bright nickel
15-1128D45ZK-25-K25-way Bright nickel
15-1138D45ZK37-BK-K37-way Matt black