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Weller TCP Series Magnastat Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons

<p>The Weller TCP range of 'Magnastat' temperature controlled soldering irons have become the industry standard for demanding applications.</p>
  • 24V operation
  • 50W power
  • Iron temperature is varied by changing soldering tips / adaptors
  • Irons are supplied fitted with a PT7 adaptor that sets the irons temperature to 370°C
  • Other adaptors are available that set the temperature to 260°C, 360°C, 425°C or 480°C
  • Irons are supplied fitted with an LTM soldering tip and can accept any of the LT series tips
  • Standard irons are supplied fitted with 1.2m of silicon sheathed cord
  • TCP model is also available with a 3m cord - model TCP-3M
  • The TCP-S has a 3-way plug (23-1220) compatible with the P 51 and WTCP 51 power supplies
  • A suitable stand is available separately, order code 85-4992
  • A range of spare parts to keep your iron in perfect working order are listed below
Operating voltage24V
Power output50W
Temperature260 / 310 / 370 / 425 / 480°C dependent on bit adaptor fitted
ConnectorMiniature 3-way

10 November 2018 Question by: Jason
Q. Hi I have a Weller PU-1D with the original tcp-1 and tip dating back to 1971 could you tell me which tips or adaptor I need please?
A. Hi Jason, thank you for your question. The older irons use the PT series tips.

11 February 2016 Question by: Peter
Q. Hello, Whats the difference between 85-4850 and 85-4852? Thanks
A. Hi Peter, thank you for your question. They are for use on different stations as the plugs are different: 85-4852 TCP-S is for the P50/51 stations, 85-4850 for older Weller stations incorporating the 3 way Bulgin type socket.

15 October 2015 Question by: W Mulligan
Q. I am using a TCP 24 with PTAA7 tip which is great with leaded solder but I seem to have issues trying to use with unleaded solder. Is there a more suitable tip for use with unleaded solder (with colophony free flux), solder in question is 1 core 96SC Tin/Silver/Copper
A. Hi W Mulligan, thank you for your question. These tips are designed for use with lead free solder, they may just require re-tinning, something like 85-0630 would be suitable.

30 September 2015 Question by: Mr John Hall
Q. I need a spare cable and Bulgin female plug assembly for the Weller TCP iron, together with a matching Bulgin male plug (panel mount will do) in order to make up an extension cable. Can you supply these parts, please?
A. Hi John, thank you for your question. The parts required are 23-1220 and 23-1215.

26 July 2015 Question by: rick | Product code: 85-4850
Q. hi,is the push on grip available for the tcp iron (blue handle) if so how much are they I have 5 tcp irons thankyou rick
A. Hi Rick, thank you for your question. All of the spares for this iron are viewable here.

01 April 2014 Question by: federico | Product code: 85-5502
Q. i would like to know dimension
A. Hi Federico. Thank you for your question. The body measures the following: 81mm length, 5.5mm width, 15x5mm base, 63mm lead length.

09 April 2013 Question by: R.Pearce | Product code: 85-4850
Q. These irons do not take the original PTAA7 tips (84-4850), as the barrel end hole is very small. (we have purchased one and it not compatible) Do you stock Weller TCP 24 volt irons that will take the PTAA7 tip that used to be fitted ' as standard'?
A. Hi R Pearce. Thank you for your question. Weller changed the design on new irons a few years back - they now take the LT series tips. However you can purchase a barrel with the larger hole separately to convert it back to the old system if you so wish.

27 March 2012 Question by: Neil Reynolds
Q. Do you stock the station for this iron. I can't find it, but the plug is very specific for the Weller station.
A. Hi Neil, our supplier has advised that the power unit for just TCP irons has been discontinued by Weller for some years. The most practical option is to use the P51 power unit (85-4905) and change the plug on the TCP iron (23-1220)