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Perspex® Cast Acrylic Solid Colour Sheets

<p>These <STRONG>cast acrylic sheets </STRONG>from <STRONG>Perspex&reg;</STRONG> are available in a choice of sizes and in a range of vibrant,<STRONG> bright colours</STRONG>. These coloured sheets will make any project get noticed &ndash; whether it's a sleek storage unit, a specialist point of sale display or a new corporate identity. With excellent resistance to outdoor weathering, unsurpassed batch-to-batch colour consistency and excellent environmental credentials, Perspex&reg; Solid colours will help you bring your creative ideas to life.</p>
  • Finish: Gloss
Order codeMftrs Part No.Size (mm)Colour
37-3701600x400x3mm433600 x 400 x 3Red
37-3702600x400x3mm750600 x 400 x 3Blue
37-3703600x400x3mm650600 x 400 x 3Green
37-3704600x400x3mm2252600 x 400 x 3Yellow
37-3705600x400x3mm962600 x 400 x 3Black
37-3706600x400x3mm363600 x 400 x 3Orange
37-3707600x400x3mm069600 x 400 x 3White
37-3708600x400x3mm886600 x 400 x 3Violet
37-3709600x400x3mm4415600 x 400 x 3Pink
37-3710600x400x3mm050600 x 400 x 3Opal
37-3712600x400x5mm433600 x 400 x 5Red
37-3715600x400x5mm2252600 x 400 x 5Yellow
37-3716600x400x5mm962600 x 400 x 5Black
37-3717600x400x5mm363600 x 400 x 5Orange
37-3718600x400x5mm069600 x 400 x 5White
37-3719600x400x5mm4415600 x 400 x 5Pink
37-3720600x400x5mm050600 x 400 x 5Opal
37-37221000x500x3mm4331000 x 500 x 3Red
37-37231000x500x3mm7501000 x 500 x 3Blue
37-37241000x500x3mm6501000 x 500 x 3Green
37-37251000x500x3mm22521000 x 500 x 3Yellow
37-37261000x500x3mm9621000 x 500 x 3Black
37-37271000x500x3mm3631000 x 500 x 3Orange
37-37281000x500x3mm0691000 x 500 x 3White
37-37291000x500x3mm8861000 x 500 x 3Violet
37-37301000x500x3mm44151000 x 500 x 3Pink
37-37311000x500x3mm0501000 x 500 x 3Opal
37-37331000x500x5mm4331000 x 500 x 5Red
37-37371000x500x5mm9621000 x 500 x 5Black
37-37391000x500x5mm0691000 x 500 x 5White
37-37411000x500x5mm0501000 x 500 x 5Opal
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15 June 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Hi, I use Perspex off cuts in my laser cutter at the moment but need larger sheets, could you tell me if these sheets are suitable for the laser cutter too. Thanks Phil.
A. Hi Philip, thank you for your question. These will all be suitable for laser cutting.