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Vigortronix 230V Chassis Mains Transformers

<p> A comprehensive range of chassis mounting transformers with single (230V) primary windings suitable for 50/60Hz operations and twin secondary windings suitable for connecting in series, parallel or centre tap, giving a wide range of output voltage and current combinations. </p>
  • High quality transformer
  • Double section metric bobbins
  • Power: 6 - 200VA 50/60Hz
  • Temperature class: - Class B (130 OC)
  • Dielectric strength: 3750Vrms
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance to EN60950, CE
For Dimensions please refer to the datasheet
DescriptionOrder codeVigortronix Part No.
230V 6VA 4.5V+4.5V88-3902VTX-126-006-2045
230V 6VA 6V+6V88-3903VTX-126-006-206
230V 6VA 7.5V+7.5V88-3904VTX-126-006-2075
230V 6VA 9V+9V88-3905VTX-126-006-209
230V 6VA 12V+12V88-3906VTX-126-006-212
230V 6VA 15V+15V88-3907VTX-126-006-215
230V 6VA 18V+18V88-3908VTX-126-006-218
230V 6VA 20V+20V88-3909VTX-126-006-220
230V 6VA 24V+24V88-3910VTX-126-006-224
230V 12VA 6V+6V88-3911VTX-126-012-206
230V 12VA 9V+9V88-3913VTX-126-012-209
230V 12VA 12V+12V88-3914VTX-126-012-212
230V 12VA 15V+15V88-3915VTX-126-012-215
230V 12VA 18V+18V88-3916VTX-126-012-218
230V 12VA 24V+24V88-3918VTX-126-012-224
230V 20VA 6V+6V88-3919VTX-126-020-206
230V 20VA 7.5V+7.5V88-3920VTX-126-020-2075
230V 20VA 9V+9V 88-3921VTX-126-020-209
230V 20VA 12V+12V88-3922VTX-126-020-212
230V 20VA 15V+15V88-3923VTX-126-020-215
230V 20VA 18V+18V88-3924VTX-126-020-218
230V 20VA 20V+20V88-3925VTX-126-020-220
230V 20VA 24V+24V88-3926VTX-126-020-224
230V 50VA 7.5V+7.5V88-3928VTX-126-050-2075
230V 50VA 9V+9V 88-3929VTX-126-050-209
230V 50VA 12V+12V88-3930VTX-126-050-212
230V 50VA 15V+15V88-3931VTX-126-050-215
230V 50VA 18V+18V88-3932VTX-126-050-218
230V 50VA 20V+20V88-3933VTX-126-050-220
230V 50VA 24V+24V88-3934VTX-126-050-224
230V 75VA 9V+9V88-3937VTX-126-075-209
230V 75VA 12V+12V88-3938VTX-126-075-212
230V 75VA 15V+15V88-3939VTX-126-075-215
230V 75VA 18V+18V88-3940VTX-126-075-218
230V 75VA 24V+24V88-3942VTX-126-075-224
230V 75VA 50V+50V88-3943VTX-126-075-250
230V 100VA7.5V+7.5V88-3945VTX-126-100-2075
230V 100VA 9V+9V88-3946VTX-126-100-209
230V 100VA 12V+12V88-3947VTX-126-100-212
230V100VA 15V+15V88-3948VTX-126-100-215
230V 100VA 18V+18V88-3949VTX-126-100-218
230V 100VA 20V+20V88-3950VTX-126-100-220
230V 100VA 24V+24V88-3951VTX-126-100-224
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28 July 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 88-3902
Q. Hi I am looking for a power supply to power a 5v 1a rectified and regulated board which will connect 2 high sensitive switching relays at 6v Max 125vac can you tell me what product is best? Regards Rob
A. Hi Rob, thank you for your question. Please consider 85-2955.

01 September 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 88-3950
A. Hi Eric. Thank you for your question. Please see the data sheet - the wiring configuration at the bottom of the page is how it should be wired.

24 June 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. i need a chassis mounting transformer with mains input and 12v secondary winding able to supply 300ma
A. Hi Geoff. Thank you for your question. A 6VA transformer will deliver at 12V a maximum of 500ma. 88-3906 would be suitable however you will need to parallel to two secondary 12V windings to achieve the 500ma otherwise it will be rated at 250ma.

06 May 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 88-3950
Q. I am looking for a UK plug transformer input: 230v (50HZ) 300MA Output: 20v. Can u tell me which product would work?
A. Hi Phil. Thank you for your question. This adaptor is rated at a maximum of 1A and 20V and is not an option. Please take a look at 85-2908 which if set up correctly will work fine.

05 January 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 88-3906
Q. &quot;Full tech. spec.&quot; gives little info. &amp; says &quot;refer to data sheet&quot;, which isn't available. Come on, folks. Rapid has been my near-perfect company since the early 1980s; an example to others; but I find more of this kind of misinformation in both paper and online catalogues.
A. Hi Frank. Thank you for your question. The data sheet can be found here. The same sheet covers all models.

01 January 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Hi I want to build psu's for N guage model rail. The circuit needs a 230v input with 2 15v outputs, with an output current on each secondary of 1A. Which transformer would you recommend? If I use a transformer with a higher current output with a 1A fuse, would I need to uprate the rectifier diodes? Thanks
A. Hi Steve. Thank you for your question. To achieve 2 x 15V with 1A for each output will require a 30VA transformer. You will however loose about 1.5V when it is rectified, but many bridge rectifiers are rated at quite high current and voltage so that shouldn’t be an issue. What may be a problem is regulation – the output voltage will only be produced when an appropriate load is on it – otherwise it will be a higher voltage so that is something you will need to consider in your design. Using a 1A fuse will limit the current of course and as such, act as a safety feature – but will not affect the voltage.

13 February 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. would i be correct in thinking that the V A rating is the total of both split windings and not each one. I want to run two 24 volt motors rated at 3 amps each max which unit would be the best for this application.
A. Hi Barry, yes that’s correct. Total VA divided by number of outputs. Use 75VA 88-3942 and connect the 2 x 24V outputs in parallel to give the total VA at 24V. This gives 3.15 amps.