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Transistor Arrays

<p>Transistor arrays housed in standard DIL and surface mount packages.</p>
DeviceDescriptionManufacturerPackageOrder code
ULN20037x NPN matched transistor array (TTL/CMOS)STDIL-1682-0618
ULN20047x NPN matched transistor array (TTL/CMOS)STDIL-1682-0622
ULN28038x NPN Darlington array (TTL/CMOS)STDIL-1882-0668
ULN2803ADWG48x NPN Darlington array (TTL/CMOS)TISO-1882-0669
ULN2804A8x NPN Darlington transistor array (CMOS)STDIL-1882-0670
ULN2003AD7x NPN matched transistor arrayTISO-1682-5036

02 August 2013 Question by: N.Chettleburgh | Product code: 82-0669
Q. Would this be one of the best choices to buffer the action of Raspberry Pi pin(s) when defined as output. Is this 100% safe way of protecting the Pi even if the Pi pin is accidently redefined as an input pin when still wired as an output pin. Thank you.
A. Hi N Chettleburgh. Thank you for your question. This should be fine to use when configured as an output. If left in the circuit and re-configured as an input, because of the high impedance we would think that it would do nothing and should not harm the Raspberry Pi.