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Audio Enclosures Audio Enclosures

Audio Enclosures

Box it up with Rapid

You’re the expert at what you make – and we can help you make it.

Don’t miss a beat with our comprehensive range of high-quality enclosures. From stomp boxes to steel cases, diecast aluminum to instrument cases from trusted and reputable enclosure manufacturers such as Hammond, R-TECH, CamdenBoss and Evatron, our enclosures are ideal for a wide range of audio applications including guitar pedal enclosures (stomp box, FX) and more.

Audio Enclosures

So whatever your audio project, whether it is the enclosure, modifications, or electronic mechanics inside you require, we have what you need to build your next project for professional audio applications, industrial settings, consumer products and home enthusiasts.

If you are building an effects pedal, you are likely going to need a case, or enclosure to keep it in.

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Need your own custom design, from screen printing to cut outs, we also can offer you a modification service for your audio enclosures saving wastage, increasing efficiency, time & money.

Enclosure modifications
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Featured Brands

CamdenBoss CamdenBoss
Hammond Hammond


UK-based world-leading manufacturer of electromechanical components and enclosures for the electronics, telecommunications, lighting and electrical industries.

Product Ranges

Stomp boxes Diecast aluminium Instrument cases
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Hammond is known for their high-quality enclosures, cases, and boxes that are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, finishes, and materials. They also feature a modification service for all Hammond enclosures, to help customers save time, money, and resources by not outsourcing any printing, milling, drilling, power coating, or any other common customisation.

Product Ranges

Stomp boxes Diecast aluminium Steel cases Instrument Cases
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R-TECH is Rapid’s exclusive own brand, offering tried and trusted technology across a broad range of products. From electromechanical components to electronic production supplies and so much more, R-TECH provides quality solutions at an affordable price.

Product Ranges

Diecast aluminium
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