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Audio Potentiometers Audio Potentiometers

Audio Potentiometers

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Potentiometers (also known as a pot or potmeter) are defined as a 3 terminal variable resistor in which the resistance is manually varied to control the flow of electric current. A potentiometer acts as an adjustable voltage divider and they are often used in various audio devices and equipment, in both industrial and consumer applications, such as volume control.

Audio Potentiometers

We know that high quality potentiometers are an integral part of your audio equipment tone and setup. Potentiometers values can vary considerably between different models so it is vital that you match them to your project or application requirements and this is where we can help you make it and pick the right potentiometer.

With our comprehensive range of high quality, tested values and tapers including pre-set, control, slide, and dial potentiometers for professional audio applications, industrial settings, consumer products and home enthusiasts, we can help dial up your audio requirements.

We also feature a wide selection of knobs and accessories to complement our range.

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Featured Brands

Arcol Arcol
Suntan Suntan
Taiwan Alpha Taiwan Alpha
TT Electronics TT Electronics
Piher Piher


Arcol is known as one of the leading names in resistor technology, meeting the demands of high voltage power. Providing an extensive range of carbon composition and aluminium clad resistors, Arcol resistors deliver a high performance and industry standard quality.

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Control Potentiometers Dial Potentiometers
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Founded in 1978, Suntan is an experienced manufacturer of electronic components. Producing trimming potentiometers, capacitors, varistors and diodes, Suntan can offer high quality products at competitive prices.

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Preset Potentiometers

Taiwan Alpha

Taiwan Alpha is an industry-leading manufacturer of potentiometers, switches and sensors that are staple components in a wide range of electrical and control equipment.

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Control Potentiometers Slide Potentiometers
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TT Electronics

From power supplies to potentiometers, optoelectronics and displays, TT Electronics provide innovative and high-quality products that are used around the world.

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Control Potentiometers Preset Potentiometers Slide Potentiometers
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Piher Sensing Systems is a leading brand manufacturing potentiometers and position sensors.

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Control Potentiometers Preset Potentiometers
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