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Audio Knobs & Fixings Audio Knobs & Fixings

Audio Knobs & Fixings

Helping you make the finishing touch

The use of knobs and fixings is an important aspect of the design of any audio user interface, device, or design. With your audio equipment nearly ready to go whether it’s building a brand-new project or updating an existing, it’s time to focus on getting those finishing touches just right.

We know the look and feel of your audio equipment is important. From slider to soft touch to adjustment knobs and a wide range of fixings, we stock a comprehensive and high-quality selection of products for your next audio project whether it is professional audio applications, industrial settings, consumer products and home enthusiasts.

Audio Knobs & Fixings
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Featured Brands

Cliff Cliff


SCI (Shin Chin International) is a leading global manufacturer of high quality switches, knobs, fixings, and electronic parts. SCI products are competitively priced and suitable for many audio solutions. With a comprehensive range of products to suit your project’s needs, Rapid offers all in-stock SCI switches dispatched the same day ordered.

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Cliff is a leading brand of components and connectors, offering a wide range of products for audio assemblies. From audio connectors to knobs and power connectors, Cliff offers high quality and innovative design and production.

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R-TECH is Rapid’s exclusive own brand, offering tried and trusted technology across a broad range of products. From electromechanical components to electronic production supplies and so much more, R-TECH provides quality solutions at an affordable price.

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