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Full Colour 5mm LED 60°

<p>Versatile full-colour RGB LEDs from <b>TruOpto</b> that are suitable for a very wide range of applications. These LED lamps can be used in products such as toys, electronic games, AV equipment, indicator panels, decorative lighting. These solid state LED lights also feature high luminous intensity and a common anode configuration. These LEDs can produce red, green, blue and white light, making them a versatile addition to any project.<br/><br/> The full range of optoelectronic products from <b>TruOpto</b> are supplied by <b>Rapid Electronics</b> who also provide all the accessories and other electronic components that go towards a successful project.</p>
  • Full colour LED
  • Available in water clear or diffused lens types
  • Common anode type
  • 5mm Round standard directivity
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Wide 60° viewing angle
LensColourWavelengthLum. int. (mcd)IFVFVFPD
(nm)@ IF (20mA)max. (mA)typ. (V)max. (V)max. (mW)
Water clearRed6251560502.12.6130

LensColourWavelengthLum. int. (mcd)IFVFVFPD
(nm)@ IF (20mA)max. (mA)typ. (V)max. (V)max. (mW)
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