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TTi LD400 Series DC Electronic Loads 360W 80A 80V

<p>These DC electronic loads have been designed for the testing and characterisation of a wide range of DC power sources such as batteries and solar cells as well as conventional power supply units. The wide voltage and current range together with multimode operation and built-in transient generator make these units versatile and comprehensive pieces of test equipment.<br/><br/> The units can operate in constant current, constant resistance, constant conductance, constant voltage and constant power modes. 80V and 80A voltage and current range enable the units to test a very wide range of power sources and 400W continuous dissipation give the units the headroom to be effective in high demand laboratory and test department applications.<br/><br/> A 256 x 112px backlit graphic LCD make the loads easy to control and both models feature remote control of levels and TTL control of On/Off and transient switching. In addition the 400P model (85-1304) adds full bus remote control via USB, RS-232, GPIB and LAN (Ethernet) interfaces.</p>
  • Low minimum operating voltage of <1V at 40A
  • High resolution and accuracy for level setting
  • Built-in transient generator with variable slew
  • Current monitor output for waveform viewing
  • Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing
  • High resolution backlit graphic LCD with soft key control
  • Front and rear input terminals (front terminals 30A max.)
Input current max.80A (rear terminals)
30A (front terminals)
Input voltge max.80V
Continuous input power400W
Minimum operating volts<2V
Isolation voltage300V DC
Operating modesCC, CP, CR, CG, CV
Meter display256 x 112px backlit graphic LCD
ProtectionPower, current, voltage, temperature, sense error
AC Input110 to 120/220 to 240V AC
Power consumption30VA
Operating temperature range+5°C to +40°C
Dimensions130 x 212 x 435mm (3U x ½ rack)
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