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115/230V Toroidal Transformers - Dual Primary

<p>Rapid are pleased to offer a wide variety of toroidal transformers. These high quality transformers have been manufactured with twin primary and secondary windings. They are designed and manufactured to strict quality control in accordance with <strong>EN61558</strong> and <strong>EN60950</strong>, <strong>UL</strong>, <strong>C-UL</strong> and <strong>CE</strong>.</p>
  • High quality open style toroidal transformer
  • Dual primary 115+115V
  • Dual secondary windings
  • Supplied with mounting kit
  • 100% electrical and flash tested
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance to EN61558 and EN60950, UL, C-UL and CE
Mftrs. pt. no.Input VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentRegulationTemp. riseHeight x ØWeightOrder
(V AC)(2x V AC)(A)(typ. %)(°C)(mm)(Kg)code
VTX-146-015-2062x 1150-61.25162636 x 650.3388-3781
VTX-146-015-2092x 1150-90.83162636 x 650.3388-3782
VTX-146-015-2122x 1150-120.63162636 x 650.3388-3783
VTX-146-015-2152x 1150-150.5162636 x 650.3388-3784
VTX-146-015-2182x 1150-180.42162636 x 650.3388-3785
VTX-146-015-2252x 1150-2588-3786
VTX-146-030-2062x 1150-62.5144032 x 740.4588-3787
VTX-146-030-2092x 1150-91.67144032 x 740.4588-3788
VTX-146-030-2122x 1150-121.25144032 x 740.4588-3789
VTX-146-030-2152x 1150-151144032 x 740.4588-3790
VTX-146-030-2182x 1150-180.83144032 x 740.4588-3791
VTX-146-030-2252x 1150-250.6144032 x 740.4588-3792
VTX-146-050-2062x 1150-64.17144235 x 810.688-3793
VTX-146-050-2092x 1150-92.78144235 x 810.688-3794
VTX-146-050-2122x 1150-122.08144235 x 810.688-3795
VTX-146-050-2152x 1150-151.67144235 x 810.688-3796
VTX-146-050-2182x 1150-181.39144235 x 810.688-3797
VTX-146-050-2252x 1150-251144235 x 810.688-3798
VTX-146-060-2092x 1150-63.33155034 x 850.888-3799
VTX-146-060-2122x 1150-122.5155034 x 850.888-3800
VTX-146-060-2152x 1150-15155034 x 850.888-3801
VTX-146-060-2182x 1150-181.66155034 x 850.888-3802
VTX-146-060-2252x 1150-251.2155034 x 850.888-3803
VTX-146-080-2092x 1150-94.44115039 x 90188-3804
VTX-146-080-2122x 1150-123.33115039 x 90188-3805
VTX-146-080-2152x 1150-152.67115039 x 90188-3806
VTX-146-080-2182x 1150-182.22115039 x 90188-3807
VTX-146-080-2252x 1150-251.6115039 x 90188-3808
VTX-146-080-2552x 1150-550.73115039 x 90188-0027
VTX-146-100-2092x 1150-95.55115345 x 911.188-3809
VTX-146-100-2122x 1150-124.15115345 x 911.188-3810
VTX-146-100-2152x 1150-153.33115345 x 911.188-3811
VTX-146-100-2182x 1150-182.77115345 x 911.188-3812
VTX-146-100-2252x 1150-252115345 x 911.188-3813
VTX-146-120-2122x 1150-125105545 x 981.3288-3814
VTX-146-120-2152x 1150-154105545 x 981.3288-3815
VTX-146-120-2182x 1150-183.33105545 x 981.3288-3816
VTX-146-120-2252x 1150-252.4105545 x 981.3288-3817
VTX-146-120-2302x 1150-30105545 x 981.3288-3818
VTX-146-120-2552x 1150-551.09105545 x 981.3288-3819
VTX-146-160-2122x 1150-126.6785547 x 1051.688-3820
VTX-146-160-2152x 1150-155.3385547 x 1051.688-3821
VTX-146-160-2182x 1150-184.4485547 x 1051.688-3822
VTX-146-160-2252x 1150-253.285547 x 1051.688-3823
VTX-146-160-2302x 1150-302.6785547 x 1051.688-3824
VTX-146-160-2552x 1150-551.4585547 x 1051.688-3825
VTX-146-225-2122x 1150-129.3876051 x 1102.288-3826
VTX-146-225-2152x 1150-157.576051 x 1102.288-3827
VTX-146-225-2182x 1150-186.376051 x 1102.288-3828
VTX-146-225-2252x 1150-254.576051 x 1102.288-3829
VTX-146-225-2302x 1150-303.7576051 x 1102.288-0029
VTX-146-250-2122x 1150-1210.4276050 x 1192.488-0030
VTX-146-300-2122x 1150-1212.566054 x 1252.7888-3831
VTX-146-300-2152x 1150-151066054 x 1252.7888-3832
VTX-146-300-2182x 1150-188.3366054 x 1252.7888-3833
VTX-146-300-2252x 1150-25666054 x 1252.7888-3834
VTX-146-300-2302x 1150-30566054 x 1252.7888-3835
VTX-146-300-2352x 1150-354.2866054 x 1252.7888-3836
VTX-146-300-2552x 1150-552.7366054 x 1252.7888-3837
VTX-146-500-2252x 1150-251066860 x 1364.388-0033
VTX-146-500-2302x 1150-308.3366860 x 1364.388-3838
VTX-146-500-2352x 1150-357.1466860 x 1364.388-3839
VTX-146-500-2502x 1150-50566860 x 1364.388-3840
VTX-146-500-2552x 1150-554.5566860 x 1364.388-3841
VTX-146-625-2252x 1150-2557071 x 1395.288-0034
VTX-146-625-2402x 1150-407.857071 x 1395.288-3842
VTX-146-625-2552x 1150-555.6857071 x 1395.288-3845
VTX-146-800-2402x 1150-401057265 x 1636.388-3846
VTX-146-800-2452x 1150-458.8857265 x 1636.388-3847
VTX-146-800-2502x 1150-50857265 x 1636.388-3848
VTX-146-1000-2252x 1150-2547571 x 1677.4888-0036
VTX-146-1000-2452x 1150-4511.1147571 x 1677.4888-3851
VTX-146-1000-2502x 1150-501047571 x 1677.4888-3852
VTX-146-1000-2552x 1150-559.0947571 x 1677.4888-3853
*Question functionality currently disabled

12 April 2015 Question by: Ian Bell
Q. Do these transformers come with a fixing kit?
A. Hi Ian. Thank you for your question. The fixing kit is included.

24 July 2014 Question by: Andrew Goloskof | Product code: 88-3801
Q. Item 88-3801 VTX-146-060-215 does not seem to be included in the PDF file from manufacturer. Have you the dimensions pleaee?
A. Hi Andrew. Thank you for your question. All the 60VA versions are the same size 34 x 85mm (height x diameter) as stated in the data sheet.

11 January 2013 Question by: Simon | Product code: 88-3844
Q. Does this have any form of EM shielding?
A. Hi Simon. Thank you for your question. These do not have any form of EM shielding.

03 January 2013 Question by: Tim Smith | Product code: 88-3810
Q. Hi there Please can you advise the dimensions of the toroidal transformer model VTX 146 100 212. I.E. outer and inner diameter and thickness. Thanks
A. Hi Tim. Thank you for your question. This product's dimensions are as follows: 91mm outer diameter, 35mm inner diameter and 45mm thick.

12 December 2012 Question by: andrew
Q. what is the transformer regulation?
A. Hi Andrew. Thank you for your question. These are unregulated transformers.

26 November 2012 Question by: tech | Product code: 88-3851
Q. Hello, Could you please tell me what the resistance values are of the primary windings on this transformer, 115v and 230v. I suspect my transformer has fried primaries as the values are very low and the resitance values are almost the same across 110v 220v and 240v. Thanks.
A. Hi Tech. Thank you for your question. Normally you would expect to see something like 1800 ohms between the windings. You simply need to check if the coils are open circuit as this will indicate the wire is damaged

10 June 2012 Question by: Ivan | Product code: 88-3833
Q. How to connect the transformer in the right way? 230 Vac on input side and 18-0-18 Vac on the output side, serie connection Yes, but in the wrong serie you vill blow the thermofuses or get a lot of hum. So how do I do it wright? Best Regards Ivan
A. Hi Ivan, thanks for your question. The wiring diagram is listed in the data sheet to be able to wire this up correctly:

05 December 2011 Question by: Derek Mackenzie | Product code: 88-3826
Q. Presumably for 230V input - I connect grey to violet, blue to neutral, brown to live For 24V output - I connect Yellow to Black, orange is 0V, Red 24V This should then give me 9.38A at 24V
A. Hi Derek Thanks for your question. Our technical department have advised that this is indeed correct.

04 October 2011 Question by: | Product code: 88-3820
Q. Do these come with mounting bolt, dish and washers?
A. Thanks for the enquiry Dean The mounting bolt and the washers are suppilied with these units.

29 August 2011 Question by: watermaid | Product code: 88-3820
Q. Does this range have solated primary and secondary windings? i.e isolating transformer
A. This unit does have primary and secondary winding - but is not considered as an isolating transformer. That is a specialised style