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TT Electronics CRT60 Series

<P>The TT Electronics range of the CRT60 series utilises digital Line Interactive (VI) technology with a pseudo sine wave output making it perfect for smaller backup needs such as CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware, security or a simple PC workstation. </P><P>The Stontronics CRT60 UPS range includes an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) as standard, which enables the UPS to regulate a precise output voltage without switching to battery power, even if the input voltage fluctuates by as much as 30% from normal. As a result, this wide input voltage feature extends battery life ensuring the batteries are in prime condition and fully charged to offer maximum runtime should the mains power completely fail. </P><P>The unit features RJ11 and RJ45 filtering for connection of telephone, modem and router lines, separate IEC power outlets for surge suppression only and an LCD screen displaying connected load and battery charge levels.</P><P>The free download of intelligent shut-down and monitoring software enables your PC to communicate with the UPS via the USB port and cable provided with the product. The software enables UPS start-up and shut-down programming, data and history logging and email messaging (alerting users to the UPS status across the local network).</P><P>The software is also compatible with most operating systems, providing a safe shut down in the event of an extended power failure. Additionally the UPS automatically restarts upon power being restored.</P>
  • Line interactive (VI) technology with AVR
  • Cold start feature
  • Inbuilt protection for modem and telephone
  • Automatic start
  • LCD Display
  • USB Connectivity
  • Intelligent shutdown and monitoring software
Model CRT60-800 CRT60-1000 CRT60-1500 CRT60-2000
Power (VA) max 800100015002000
Power (W) 4806009001200
Order code90-268090-268190-268290-2683
Input voltage 220/230/240V AC
Input voltage window 162-290V AC
Input frequency 50/60Hz (auto sensing)
Voltage regulation ±10% (battery mode)
Frequency regulation ±1Hz (battery mode)
Transfer time typical 2 to 6mS; 10mS max
Waveform simulated Sinewave (battery mode)
Full protection Overload, battery discharge and overcharge protection
LCD Display AC Mode, battery mode, load level, battery level,
Input voltage, output voltage, overload, fault and battery low
Off-mode charging, AVR, auto-restart, cold start, USB,
RJ11 and 45 Filters, LCD Display
Type and number 12V 9Ah x 1 12V 7Ah x 2 12V 9Ah x 2 12V 9Ah x 2
Charging time 4 to 6 hours recovery to 90%
Dimensions (WxDxH) 90 x 285 x 140 146 x 350 x 160 146 x 397 x 205146 x 397 x 205
Net weight4.9kg 8 kg11.1kg 11.5kg
Battery protected outputs 3355
Surge protected outputs 1111
Operating temperature range 0°C to - 40°C
Humidity 0 to 90% Relative Humidity (non condensing)
Connection USB Connectivity
Operating System Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows 7,
Linux, Unix and MAC
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