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RVFM Clearbox Motor

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: PEN 9999 
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Specially designed for use in schools, this clearbox motor has a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate gearcase and tough nylon gears.

  • Motor will run between 1.5V and 6V DC
  • Clear polycarbonate housing provides mounting for both the motor and gears
  • Interchangeable gears give a range of speeds and motor torques
  • Full instructions for calculating gear ratios etc., are included
  • Output shaft is 4mm diameter and is suitable for Meccano and Fischertechnik wheels, gears and pulleys to be fitted directly
  • Shaft extends 24mm from front, 54mm from rear
Colour Transparent
Type Clearbox motor


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13 March 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 37-0161
Q. The leaflet supplied with the Clearbox states that the motor will free-run at around 6,000 rpm with 6 volts applied. I have the gearbox set up with four intermediate gears which, according to the formula, should give a reduction of 259.2 : 1. With 6 Volts supplied the output shaft is rotating at close to 1 rev per sec which, if my calculations are correct, equates to a motor speed of approx 15,500 rpm. (1 rps x 60 x 259.2 = 15,552). Something doesn't add up but I can't see where the problem lies. Can you help? Note: I already submitted this question but omitted to select the correct product number.
A. Hi M Thompson. Thank you for your question. Firstly the 6000rpm free running will not be achievable once load is applied. With a 259:1 reduction – this will slow down that theoretical output in that proportion – so that would be just over 23rpm or 0.4RPS. This suggest that either the motor is running much faster than expected – closer to 13000rpm or more likely, the ratio calculation is wrong. This is before any consideration of efficiency etc is done. Unfortunately this is not a product we assemble so cannot comment on the motor supplied.


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