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Protobloc AD Series Advanced Solderless Breadboard

A range of <b>solderless breadboards</b> that are ideal for prototyping and testing electronic circuits.<br/><br/> As a prototyping system, <b>Protobloc</b> offers a fast and economical method of circuit construction and development. Components are plugged into the board and are retained by double leaf spring contacts, with positions clearly defined on an alphanumeric grid. Sockets are on a 2.54mm matrix, allowing all dual-in-line integrated circuits, plus many other components to simply be plugged into the board. Units can be clipped together to accommodate larger circuit designs and the solderless concept allows components to be used time and time again, making these boards an ideal system for the teaching of electronic systems and circuit design.
  • Available in several types
  • Provides ideal placement for all components
  • Easy insertion and wiring
  • Very flexible for digital and analog circuits
  • Easy combination and expansion
  • More tie points for MSI, LSI, and all DIL-size chips
  • ABS Body
Order codePart numberTie pointsDimensions (L x W x H)
34-0668AD-101081 x 30 x 19mm
34-0672AD-4D4881 x 12 x 9mm
34-0666AD-10036081 x 42 x 9mm
34-0674AD-10140881 x 52 x 9mm
34-0676AD-10245681 x 62 x 9mm
34-0678AD-0194883 x 118 x 9mm
34-0662AD-1195883 x 147 x 19mm
34-0664AD-132854266 x 168 x 24mm
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