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<p><B>PICAXE</B> is a microcontroller system that uses low cost FLASH memory based microcontrollers with a unique, pre-programmed <B>PICAXE</B> bootstrap code. This gives a device that may be reprogrammed typically 100,000 times without the need for an expensive and complicated programmer.<br /><br /> <B>PICAXE</B> is programmed using a simple BASIC language or by using an intuitive graphical flowchart system, enabling younger students and hobbyists to start generating programs quickly and easily.<br /><br /> Programming is carried out via a simple serial or USB cable which means that a simple project kit is easily assembled. In addition to the microcontroller chips, starter, tutorial, and upgrade kits are available to provide a complete <B>PICAXE</B> solution.<br /><br /> <B>PICAXE X2</B> microcontroller chips are available in 20, 28 and 40-pin versions, giving a choice of the number of input and output lines. Every pin is individually configurable for greater I/O flexibility. These latest designs of the <B>PICAXE</B> chip feature increased memory, scratchpad and RAM, plus additional features such as the ability to boot or run programs from I2C memory, additional timers, a SRLatch and additional interrupts.</p>
  • Suitable for education, industry and hobbyists
  • Low cost and simple to use
  • Can be programmed using an intuitive graphical flowchart
  • Easy to use Program Editor software
TypePinsVariantLines of Total No. of No. of ADC Order code
memoryI/O pinsinputsoutputs
PICAXE-20X220X22000 to 3200131 – 161 – 161113-5000
PICAXE-28X228X24x 2000 to 3200221 –1 –1113-5002
PICAXE-40X240X24x 2000 to 3200331 –1 –1213-5004

19 November 2013 Question by: Ethan Osborn
Q. Hi, Are these SOIC or DIP chips, and if SOIC, are DIP available?
A. Hi Ethan. Thank you for your question. These chips are all DIP version.

12 February 2012 Question by: Steve | Product code: 13-5002
Q. Just wondering, which PIC parts are these? Are they the new PIC18F25K22 or the older PIC18F2520? Thanks
A. Hi Steve, these are the newer PIC18F25K22.

22 January 2012 Question by: Dan | Product code: 13-5003
Q. Hi, Is this part the low voltage variant (1.8V - 3.3V)? Many thanks
A. Hi Dan, thanks for your question. No this is simply the surface mount version SOIC.