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Kingbright L-53 Series 5mm LEDs

<p>A range of 5mm LEDs from the Kingbright L-53 Series, available in different colours with a choice of diffused, water clear and transparent lenses. Rugged construction offers long working life with solid state reliability. To find out more about the full range of Kingbright products please visit Rapid's <A href="/brands/Kingbright">Kingbright </A>page.</p>
  • Low power consumption
  • Popular T-1 ¾ diameter package
  • General purpose leads
  • RoHS compliant
OrderColourWavelengthLum. int. (mcd)IFVF typ.VF max.PDViewingMftrs
code(nm)@IF (20mA)(mA)(V)(V)(mW)anglepart no.
55-0864High Efficiency Red625503022.57530°L-53ID
55-0868Green 56830252.22.562.530°L-53GD
55-0860High Efficiency Red6252003022.57520°L-53EC
55-0862High Efficiency Red6251803022.57520°L-53IT
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06 February 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Is there any LED come with Vf (&lt;1.5v)? Bascically I need a bulb or LED with operating voltage(&lt;1.5V), Please let me know If you have anything!!!! Thanks
A. Hi Jay. Thank you for your question. 41-0200 is rated at 1.2V.