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Kingbright 3mm Standard LEDs

<p>A range of miniature 3mm round LEDs housed in a diffused coloured package.</p>
  • A wide range of colour options available including pure green, pure orange and blue types
  • Viewing angle 40° (30° for blue LED)
  • Kingbright L-7104 series (formerly L-934)
ColourWavelengthLum. int. (mcd)IFVFVFMftrs. pt. no.
(nm)@ IF (10mA)max. (mA)typ. (V)max. (V)
Bright red6603252.252.5L-7104HD
HE red625203022.5L-7104ID
Pure orange61030252.052.5L-7104ND
Pure green5555252.22.5L-7104PGD
Blue46650 (@ 20mA)303.84.5L-7104MBD
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20 January 2016 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Hi do you do the small round 2-pin stand-offs for these items - about 3mm high?
A. Hi Christopher, thank you for your question. These can be found here.

05 March 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. I would like to use the following LED in RC Model boats and would like to know if my boat has a 7.2 volt battery and I wire up 4 of the led's do I need to fit any resistors and if so what would you say would be ok. Also on larger boats they have a 12volt battery again would I have a problem or could I just wire them up and use
A. Hi Paul. Thank you for your question. It may depend on the led you want to use as they all have different working voltages, if running in series you would be looking to add the voltages up so eg 2+2+2+2 would give you 8 volts so these would not light up. Running 7.2 would mean each requires a resistor and something like a 198 Ohm resistor or 390 at 12 volts would be required, if you want to let us know exactly the versions you are going to use we can always work it out. A useful link.

01 January 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 55-0105
Q. Sorry to be a pain with LED questions but the item spec for L7104GD shows a forwards voltage of 5V but the table below shows it as 2.25v. Can you tell me which is correct please. Thanks
A. Hi Steve. Thank you for your question. It should be 2.25V typical to 2.6V Max. 5V is the reverse voltage. Thank you for raising this, we will add this information to the product details.

30 December 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Hi I'd like to make an LED array using pairs of 7104 green and red LEDs in series. As the green and reds have different forward voltages and currents, what resistors would I need and where would I wire them. The website I used only shows resistors for a single specification array. I'll be using 12dc (or possible 18v ac supply. Thanks
A. Hi Steve. Thank you for your question. You can only use DC on these led’s unless you inverts it, and you will only need a 487 ohm of close resistor on each of the 55-0102 and the 55-0105.

17 April 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. what is the maximum value current through this LED. I want to glow this LED with a small 2.5V (and Max current 0.2mA) solar cell. Will this LED glow.
A. Hi Hurair, thanks for your question. This led should light up as long as the solar panel is getting enough light to produce power.