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Kingbright 3mm Standard LEDs

<p>A range of miniature 3mm round LEDs housed in a diffused coloured package.</p>
  • A wide range of colour options available including pure green, pure orange and blue types
  • Viewing angle 40° (30° for blue LED)
  • Kingbright L-7104 series (formerly L-934)
ColourWavelengthLum. int. (mcd)IFVFVFMftrs. pt. no.
(nm)@ IF (10mA)max. (mA)typ. (V)max. (V)
Bright red6603252.252.5L-7104HD
HE red625203022.5L-7104ID
Pure orange61030252.052.5L-7104ND
Pure green5555252.22.5L-7104PGD
Blue46650 (@ 20mA)303.84.5L-7104MBD