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Antex Replacement Silicone Cable for Soldering Irons

<p>Heat resistant, silicone cable for soldering irons.</p>
  • Especially recommended for use with mains powered irons
  • Ideal for educational applications
  • Survives contact with a heated soldering iron tip
  • Convert existing PVC cabled irons to safer silicone cable
  • Available in 3- and 5-core versions
  • Overall length 3-core 1.5m, 5-core 1.2m
  • Pre-stripped and tinned
  • 3-core cable is normally used for mains irons
  • 5-core cable is normally used for low voltage irons attached to temperature-controlled stations
Order codeMftrs Part No.
85-0590W021600Silicone cable - 3 core
85-0668W101330Silicone cable - 5 core
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30 August 2016 Question by: Andy Taberner
Q. Hi please could you tell me if this silicone soldering iron cable is really flexible, I need to replace the mains cable on my hair clippers, because it constantly breaks, due to being used day in day out in a barbers thanks
A. Hi Andy, thank you for your question. The silicone cable is more flexible than standard PVC and has better heat resistance.

27 November 2014 Question by: Jon
Q. Can this be brought on a big reel? 10m or so?
A. Hi Jon. Thank you for your question. We do a reel of silicone 3 core for mains irons on 01-3005 albeit white in colour.