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Website Help

Finding the products you want and navigating around should be straightforward.

However, in order for you to get the most from our website there may be certain icons or features that need a little explaining.

Searching for Products

There are a number of options available when searching for products on The Search bar is available at the top of every page. You can search via product names, order codes or manufacturer’s part numbers.

Searching for products

Search Results

The search results are displayed by default in order of relevance to your search criteria, according to how closely they match the phrase, order code or keywords. Use the links at the top of the page to sort the search results by price, alphabetical order, level of sales or relevance. If selecting by price, the lowest value item will be shown first. To see the most expensive product first, click the ‘Descending’ option on the right hand side of the page. The same Ascending and Descending options apply to sorting alphabetically, by sales and relevance.

On the left hand side of the screen you can narrow the search results by selecting different categories, brands or price sectors.

Initial Search results Initial Search results

Personalised order codes & descriptions

To create your own codes and descriptions for products you buy regularly, simply click on the 'Add Personalised Code' link next to the order code on product pages. This feature will only be available when you are logged in to your online account.

Personalised order codes

Enter your codes and/or descriptions into the relevant fields and save your changes. Codes can be entered as numbers, letters or a combination of both, up to a maximum of 9 characters. Please note that they must not contain character spaces. So, for example, you should enter "mySolder" rather than "my Solder".

On the website you can search for your codes, enter them into quick and cut & paste order forms and add the codes within your basket. They will also display on product labels, saving you time when placing orders and checking deliveries. Your personalised codes will be recognised in website searches.

Your personalised search Your personalised basket
Your personalised quick order form

You can view and edit all your codes and descriptions from your 'My Account' area.

Personalised order codes Personalised order codes

Understanding the Product Information Pages

Alternative Images

Where more than one product image is available (eg. different views) these will be displayed to the right of the main image as thumbnails on product information pages. Click on the thumbnail to select it as the main image.

Alternative Images

Price Breaks

Many of Rapid's products are available for sale at bulk prices. This means that the price per unit is lower the more of a product is purchased. For example, if you buy 1000 units of a product and there is a 1000+ price break, the price you will pay per unit is the 1000+ figure.

Price breaks

Downloadable Datasheets

Where an Adobe icon appears under the product title, a datasheet is available for the product. Clicking on the icon will open a PDF document in a new window.

Datasheets Datasheets

Technical Specification

Table containing information about the product, such as dimensions and operating data.

Technical Specification Technical Specification

Back Order

The product in question is not available at the present time, but new stock is on order from the manufacturer. The item can be added to your basket and payment will be taken at the same time as the rest of your order. The item on back order will be despatched as soon as possible.

Non-Stock Item Available for Back Order

If a product displays this message, this means that it is not held in stock on site but despatched from the manufacturer once an order is received, either direct to the customer or via Rapid.

Understanding the website icons



Highlights important information of which you should be aware, such as products with restricted availability.



If you have started an action, or opened a layered screen, you can click this icon to cancel the action or close the layered screen.



Denotes a Clearance product – end of line items which will not be replenished once they go out of stock. The Clearance area is available from the Clearance tab at the top right of each page.

Contact an Expert

Need help?

Having difficulty buying online? Engage in a real-time live chat with one of our dedicated assistants, who will happily guide you through your problem or answer any questions you may have.


PDF small or PDF Large

Indicates that there is additional information available about a product in a downloadable PDF.

Email page to a friend


Send the link of the page you are viewing to a friend or colleague.

Enlarge Image Zoom


Hovering over a product image with your mouse will enable you to see a magnified version. Clicking the Enlarge Image icon will open the larger version of the image.


Add to favourites

Add this item to your favourite products.


Key Stage icons

Identifies educational products which are compatible and approved for use with the Key Stages of the National Curriculum.

Keystage Flags


Wherever this icon appears, hover over with your mouse to find further information about a particular feature of the website.

List/Grid View

Grid results Grid results

Display search results pages in list or grid format.


Price drop

Products that have been added to the website within the last 90 days.

Page Sharing

Page sharing

Tweet and share Rapid pages with friends and colleagues by posting them on your favourite social networking sites.

Personalised Part Numbers


Find favourite products more easily by entering your own descriptions and codes. Just click the link in the options panel when logged in.



Print the page that you are viewing.


ROHS Compliant

Displayed on product pages in the price panel, this icon indicates that the product complies with RoHS and WEEE legislation. For more RoHS/WEEE information please visit our RoHS/WEEE pages.

Rohs exempt

ROHS Exempt

Indicates that the product is exempt from the RoHS legislation.

Special Offer


Denotes products with special offer prices or included in current promotions.