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Haze SLA Batteries

<p>A range of sealed 4, 6 and 12V lead acid batteries that are completely maintenance free.</p>
  • Completely maintenance free, sealed construction
  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications
  • Fully tank formed plates
  • Low impurity electrolyte
  • Spill proof / leak proof
  • Valve regulated Max internal pressure 2.5psi
  • Multi-position usage
  • Low self discharge
  • FAA and IATA approved as nonhazardous
Voltage4V, 6V and 12V
Operating temperature–20°C to +50°C
Grid alloyCalcium/tin lead alloy
PlatesFlat pasted
SeparatorAbsorbant glass mat
TerminalVarious types, epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths
Charge voltageFloat 2.27-2.30 VPC +25°C
ElectrolyteSulphuric acid
VoltageDimensions; L x W x H WeightMftrs. partOrder code
4V, 4.5Ah47 x 47 x 101mm0.58kgHZS04-4.518-1138
6V, 1.3Ah98 x 25 x 52mm0.32kgHZS04-918-1140
6V, 3.2Ah134 x 34 x 60mm0.73kgHZS06-3.218-1141
6V, 12Ah151 x 50 x 93.5mm2kgHZS06-1218-1145
12V, 0.8Ah96.x 25 x 62mm0.37kgHZS12-0.818-1146
12V, 1.3Ah96.5 x 45.0 x 53mm0.58kgHZS12-1.318-1147
12V, 2.2Ah177.5 x 34 x 60mm1.01kgHZS12-2.218-1149
12V, 2.9Ah78 x 55 x 98mm1.17kgHZS12-2.918-1153
12V, 3.3Ah133.5 x 67 x 61mm1.4kgHZS12-3.318-1155
12V, 14Ah150 x 97 x 94mm4.25kgHZS12-1418-1168
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27 April 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 18-1165
Q. Hi, can you tell me if these batteries are suitable for an electric childs scooter the batteries on the scooter at the moment are the original and the only markings I can find are PL10-12 12v10Ah.
A. Hi Tony. Thank you for your question. The code you have supplied is a 12volt 10Ah battery so 18-1165 should be suitable as long as the dimensions are the same:
Height =110mm

06 February 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Hi, can you supply a 12v 17ah battery, Yuasa uses the number NP17-12 if this is any help. Thank you.
A. Hi Anthony. Thank you for your question. The order cord you require is 18-0642.