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Hammond Manufacturing Exceptional enclosures Hammond Manufacturing Exceptional enclosures

About Hammond

Rapid is a leading distributor of high quality enclosures, cases and boxes from Hammond Manufacturing. Hammond enclosures are available at Rapid in a wide range of colours, sizes, finishes and materials, including ABS, aluminium, plastic, wood and polycarbonate.

Some Hammond enclosures have become classics in themselves – the 1591, 1555 and 1554 series, not to mention the famous ‘Eddystone’ range: die cast aluminium boxes with lap joint lid design and exceptional EMC performance.

Rapid is able to offer over 2,500 Hammond enclosure products from stock, with short lead times on the entire Hammond range. A modification service is available for all Hammond enclosures, saving customers the extra resources required to outsource their printing, milling, drilling, powder coating and other common customisations.

Hammond enclosures can be ordered as part of a long term stock agreement, in which stock, pricing and availability can be guaranteed for a 12-month period.