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WEEE Directive

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive became law in member states of the European Union in 2007. The scheme places responsibility for the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE on producers of electrical equipment, and intends to reduce the amount of end-of-life equipment going to landfill. A number of take-back schemes are in operation to process the WEEE, and Rapid is a member of WeeeCare.

All products covered by the legislation and manufactured and placed for sale after 1 January 2007 have to be labelled with the image of the ‘crossed out wheelie bin'. Customers replacing old equipment that is of an equivalent type to, and has performed the same function as the new product can return their WEEE to Rapid for safe disposal and recycling.

The WEEE directive has made a dramatic difference to the public profile and perception of electrical recycling, and to the volumes being recycled. In its first three years the UK recycled approximately 7kg of WEEE per person per year, 3kg more than the target set by the EU.

WEEE Regulations 2013

Rapid Electronics Ltd takes its responsibilities under the WEEE Regulations extremely seriously and has taken steps to be compliant in line with our corporate and social responsibilities.

In the UK, Rapid Electronics ltd has joined a registered compliance scheme WeeeCare (WeeeCare registration number WEE/MP3538PZ/SCH)

Rapid Electronics Ltd Registration number is WEE/DJ0003ZR

Disposal and Recycling of old equipment - Household Consumers

Electrical and electronic equipment should never be disposed of with general household waste but must be separately collected for their proper treatment and recovery.

The crossed-out bin symbol, placed on the product, reminds you of the need to dispose of the product correctly at the end of its life.

In this way you will assist in the recovery, recycling and reuse of many of the materials used in this product.

When buying a new product you will have the possibility to return, for free of charge recycling, another end of life product of equivalent type that has fulfilled the same functions as the supplied equipment. Please contact us in advance to arrange the safe return of your item.

With your help it is possible to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic waste ending up in landfill and to improve quality of life by preventing the release of potentially hazardous substances into the environment.

Find more information on WEEE recycling, and locate your local recycling centre, at