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The Green Zone

Our Statement

As a distributor, Rapid Electronics Limited does not manufacture any products or convert materials and therefore has a minimal impact on the environment. Nevertheless, it is the policy of the company so far as is reasonably practicable, to reduce the environmental impact from any operations to the lowest level. This will be achieved by:

  • Taking account of environmental protection in projects, planning and decision making, as an integral part of all activities.
  • Provide and maintain buildings, plant, equipment, processes, systems and working conditions which are safe and without risk to the environment.
  • Monitor the work place, processes and the environment, and carry out relevant inspections, surveys and audits to measure compliance with the Policy
  • Reduce energy usage to the lowest practicable level through good management practices and the provision of energy efficient equipment, plant and technology.
  • Reduce the use of consumable product, such as packaging, by implementing a programme of recycling. This will also include the use of recyclable packaging for customer supply.
  • Minimise waste through elimination, substitution, recovery and/or recycling and ensure that waste disposal, on or off site, is carried out in an acceptable manner.

Actions taken by Rapid Electronics Ltd to comply with this policy include:

  • Provision of energy efficient lighting and heating
  • Provision of environment friendly packaging systems
  • Provision of environment friendly equipment such as CFC free cooling / refrigeration units
  • Elimination of any operation with harmful emissions
  • Elimination of unnecessary company vehicle use
  • Sorting of waste and disposal to appropriate disposal facilities

Andy Keenan
Managing Director
Rapid Electronics Limited

March 2024