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Dremel F0133D40JA 3D40 Idea Builder 3D Printer

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Brand: Dremel MPN: F0133D40JA
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The Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder 3D printer is the big brother to their 3D20 printer and features a larger build volume and WiFi remote printing. Just like the 3D20 there's no assembly required, load the filament, level the bed and you are ready to print straight out of the box. Amongst other things the box contains a spool of white PLA filament, not just a couple of metres! This neat self-contained device has a door to keep dust and fingers out and the sound of printing in. Its ability to print over WiFi is especially useful allowing you to position the printer wherever it's convenient just like most modern inkjet printers, with cancel and pause controls. You can keep track of its progress remotely too, it reports temperature, % completion, time remaining and layer number. Once the print is sent, you can even turn off your laptop or lose the wireless connection, as the print is fully downloaded to the printer's internal 4Gbyte memory before printing begins.

The 3D40 has a 3.5in full colour front panel touch screen that puts you in control for those times when you want to print from a USB stick or pause or speed up a print. A preview of the model is shown on the touch screen so you can be sure you're printing the right thing.

New to 3D printing? A 3D printer uses plastic filament to turn computer models into physical objects. One way to start is to download a model from one of the many dedicated sites on the Internet. You can also use one of the free software packages to create your own models or modify one you've downloaded. Whichever route you use, you will end up with a computer file containing the model; think of it like an image file. This file is sent to the 3D printer, in the case of the 3D40, either via a USB cable, on a USB stick or via WiFi in much the same way as you would print to an inkjet printer. The printer converts the bits and bytes in the model file into instructions to build the physical model as a series of very thin layers. Inside the printer, plastic filament is heated and squeezed through a fine nozzle by the extruder as it's guided back and forth, layer by layer over the bed. The bed is a flat plate that the model sits on while it's being printed. Once the print is finished, pop open the door and peel the model off the bed. Once you've had some experience you can print models as large as the print volume or multiple models at the same time. Before you print, it's essential to make sure the bed is level and the 3D40 has a semi-automatic levelling feature to help you.

In the box: 3D40 Idea Builder 3D printer, white filament (DF01), USB cable, USB flash drive, instruction manual, build tape and blue tape, model removal tool, and an unclogging tool.

  • Remote printing over WiFi
  • Offline printing with USB memory stick
  • 3.5in full colour touch screen
  • Fully enclosed for super-quiet operation
  • Two-point, assisted bed levelling
  • Automatic pause on filament run-out or issue detection
  • Build volume: 254 x 152 x 171mm

*ONLY builds PLA filament.

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