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Comfortable Battery Boxes with Covers

<p>Enclosed AAA and AA size battery boxes with detachable lids, moulded in black ABS.</p>
  • Lids may be secured with the small screws provided
  • Terminated in red and black stranded 26AWG wires approx. 150mm long
  • Also available with fitted miniature On/Off switch wired into the black (negative) wire
Order codeMftrs Part No.
18-2900SBH421-1AS2x AAA With Switch
18-2901SBH431-1AS3x AAA With Switch
18-2902SBH441AS4x AAA With Switch
18-2903SBH-421-2A2x AAA
18-2904SBH431A3x AAA
18-2905SBH441A4x AAA
18-2906SBH-321-3AS2x AA With Switch
18-2908SBH-331AS3x AA With Switch
18-2909SBH341-1AS4x AA With Switch
18-2910SBH-321-3A2x AA
18-2912SBH-331A3x AA
18-2913SBH341-1A4x AA
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31 December 2011 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 18-2902
Q. What is the output voltage from this unit.?
A. Thanks for your enquiry John, the output voltage for this unit would be 6 volts.