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Trust is a Dutch-based manufacturer of computer and home entertainment peripherals and power supply units, including Uninterruptible PSUs.

For over 25 years the company has lived up to its advertising slogan – 'Life is More! Trust us'. Always at the cutting edge of consumer electronics, Trust have an excellent reputation for developing value for money products that work reliably with the latest technologies. With a clear focus on performance and design, all Trust products are attractive, affordable and easy to use.

Among Trust's products available at Rapid are webcams, card readers, USB hubs, mice (including a diamond encrusted bling version), widescreen and slimline design tablets, speakers, keyboards and media desksets. Trust's range of tablets are ideal tools for picture and video editing, freehand drawing and other graphic applications.

Trust is not just there for home entertainment solutions. Whenever there is a power failure or irregularity in the electricity supply, you are putting your unsaved data at threat. Trust's UPS 1300VA Management device provides mains power protection for your computer hardware, offering automatic circuit breaking facility and up to 70 minutes of backup time.