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Since 1951, WAGO has combined electrical engineering with innovation to create new products and holistic solutions that everyone can rely on. Renowned for the invention of the spring CAGE CLAMP® terminal technology, WAGO connects, measures, controls and interlinks to create bespoke customer solutions using our best-in-class offers.

Precisely designed and manufactured, spring CAGE CLAMP® terminal blocks not only guarantee a faster and easier connection but also offer greater safety because the contact quality is largely independent of operator skill. WAGO leads the way in Spring Pressure Connection Technology and with its pioneering automation technology.

Our distinguished range covers electrical interconnection, interface and automation products - Scroll down to explore.

We welcome the chance to quote you on volume orders, long term stock agreements, sourcing items from our suppliers’ extended ranges or those not available in our product catalogue. If you are interested in any of Wago's range of solutions please contact us.

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  • DIN Rail Connectors (2796)
  • Multipole Connectors (1491)
  • Terminal Blocks (475)
  • Mains / Power Connectors (63)
  • Crimps & Splices (51)
  • Test Connectors (10)
Control & Automation
  • Relay Modules (43)
  • Din Rail Power Supply (32)
  • Relay Sockets & Accessories (7)
  • Networking & Connectivity (5)
  • Plug-In Relays (1)
  • Interface Modules (1)
  • DIN Rails & Mount Boxes (1)
Circuit Breakers
  • Electronic Circuit Breakers (7)
  • Junction Boxes (6)
  • DIN Mount Enclosures (1)
Integrated Circuits
  • Converter Ics (3)
Electrical & Lighting
  • Energy Consumption Meters (3)
Current Transformers
  • CT Clamps (3)