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Arduino Open-Source Single Board Computer Boards

<p><B>Arduino</B> is an innovative and exciting open source prototyping platform that is based around hardware and software that is easily obtainable and easy-to-use. To further make things easier, Arduino provide an open-source and easy-to-use Integrated Development Environment (<B>IDE</B>) that enables the writing of code and uploading of code to the board.<BR><BR>The main building block of any Arduino project is the <B>Arduino board</B>. They are available in 8-bit and 32-bit MCU versions and are able to read inputs, such as light, proximity or air quality from a sensor, or an SMS or Twitter message, and process it into an output for example activating a motor, turning on a light, publishing content online or triggering external events.<BR><BR>The <B>Arduino</B> range has revolutionised electronics by providing a number of <B>open source</B> standard designs. These designs are the starting point for complete ecosystems of hardware, software and tutorials dramatically shortening the time taken to develop even quite complex systems. Our collection of Arduino standard boards includes the popular types including <B>UNO, YUN </B>and<B> MEGA</B>.<BR><BR>To get started with Arduino please visit <A href="">here</A>.</p>
  • Inexpensive and flexible hardware
  • Simple programming environment
  • Cross-platform
  • Open source and extensible hardware and software
Order codeBoard
73-4440Uno Rev. 3
73-4443Uno SMD Rev. 3
73-4441Leonardo with headers
73-4445Due ARM Cortex M3
73-4450Mega2560 Rev. 3