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Moogie Wonderland sponsorship

Moogie Wonderland sponsorship
We understand all students are different in how they are able learn STEAM, and that factors such as cost or learning disabilities can impact a child's learning experience. So, when we heard about the Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra project that helps remove barriers to music and learning creative electronics where cost, learning differences, or lack of opportunity prevent meaningful participation, we knew we wanted to get involved.

“The young people who have joined the orchestra are learning how to make music together without needing to own an instrument, pay for lessons, or understand traditional notation.”

“Rapid’s support of donating parts and items of equipment has meant that we have been able to show them how oscillators and clock dividers (the latter using a 4024 chip) work, and we show them the square or pulse waves on an oscilloscope. Our team also used Rapid’s donations to solder together an oscillator module, a clock divider module, and a mixer module that can make ambient chords, sub-oscillations, or even fun polyrhythms – it’s fully patchable so children get to design their own sound with it by connecting inputs to outputs in the way they want to.” - Matt Ashdown, Co-Director Moogie Wonderland.

One of our goals at Rapid Education is to make education more accessible, and Moogie Wonderland does just that, education is all about different methods and techniques to suit different student's needs and inspire them into STEAM, and we are happy to work with Moogie Wonderland to be apart of this movement.

Image by Chris Trevena.

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