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Sommer Cable 100-0051-04 Multipair Audio Cable Black 24 AWG

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Brand: Sommer Cable  MPN: 100-0051-04 
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The Sommer Cable 100-0051-04 is a Multipair SC-PLANET FMC Audio Cable from the 100-0051 Series. To minimise the diameter, the insulating jacket of the wire pairs was dropped. So all that remains is the foil shielding on the wire pairs. Not only the smaller diameter of the cable an advantage, but also the low price.

Technicians too will like this cable because Sommer Cable has put great emphasis on good workmanship during the design phase of SC-Planet FMC. The compound foil on the wire pairs will not fall apart when pulling the heat shrink over, and it can be cut easily.

The entire cable was also fitted with a solid and easily removable AL/PT foil and a pre-twisted drain wire. The overall foil shielding will remain inside the jacket during stripping. The conductors are colour coded. Due to its low capacitance it is perfect for long distances (e.g. on cable drums).

  • Construction: [xx(2LI2Y0,19mm²)(ST)]F(ST)Y
  • Jacket, diamete:r: S-PVC 8,0mm
  • Size: AWG 24
  • Inner conductors: 4 x 2 x 0,19mm²
  • Copper strand per conductor: 24 x 0,10mm
  • Conductor insulation PE: 1,22mm
  • Shielding: AL/PT-foil + filler strand, tin-plated
  • Shielding factor: 100%
  • Temperature range min: -30°C
  • Temperature range max: +70°C
  • Fire load per m: 0,20kWh
  • Weight per 1m: 80g

Electrical Data:

  • Capac. cond./cond. per 1m: 65pF
  • Capac. cond./shield. per 1m: 130pF
  • Cond. resistance per 1km: < 90Ω
  • Shield. resistance per 1km: 75Ω
  • Insulation resist. per 1km: > 1GΩ
  • Supplied in Black
  • Manufacturer's part: Sommer Cable 100-0051-04

This cable will be supplied in one continuous length, subject to the maximum reel size. For example, an order for 7 metres of cable will result in a single 7-metre cable being supplied, not 7 one-metre lengths.
Cable Diameter 8mm
Capacitance 65pF/m
Colour Black
Conductor Area 0.008mm²
Conductor Material AL / PT-foil + filler strand, tin-plated
Conductor Resistance 90Ω/km
Conductor Stranding 24x0.1mm
Conductor Stranding (AWG/Strands) 38/24AWG
Length 1m
Number of Cores 4 pair


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