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Robbe 1-NE2528FTR Visitor Galaxy II 2.4 GHz M2 Quadrocopter RtF

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Brand: Robbe  MPN: 1-NE2528FTR  EAN-13: 4005697023581
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This ready to fly quadcopter is a latest generation 2.4GHz high-end mini quadcopter that is factory-assembled and requires minimal preparation before flight. The main feature of the quadcopter is the highly developed nine-axis gyro and stabilisation system that gives highly accurate response and simple yet effective control. The quadcopter has good inherent stability, small size, low weight and safe operation making it ideal for the beginner pilot. Variable agility makes the vehicle suitable for the more advanced pilot.

The quadcopter can operate in one of two flight modes. The conventional flying mode is where the response to control inputs are dependent on the direction the aircraft is flying relative to the pilot (e.g. a 'left' control input will move the aircraft level when it is flying away from the pilot but will move it right when flying towards the pilot). To make it easier for inexperienced pilots the 'Intelligent' flight mode will alter the response to control inputs so that, for instance, when the pilot moves the pitch-axis stick back the quadcopter will move towards the pilot, regardless of aircraft orientation. Additionally an auto-return function will return the aircraft to the pilot.

  • 4-Channel transmitter 2.4GHz
  • Automatic brake function
  • Throttle, yaw, pitch and roll trimming control
  • Anti-collision function
  • Different colour LEDs for visual orientation
  • Includes LiPo battery with USB recharging
  • Replacement rotors
  • Propeller guard rings
  • Comprehensive operating and flying instructions
Camera No
Type Ready to fly


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