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Vibration Speaker 27mm 8 Ohm

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Brand: RVFM  MPN: QE-1652 
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This novel vibration speaker can transform almost any surface into a loudspeaker! It is, in essence, a conventional speaker, but without the normal cone that vibrates the air allowing sound to be carried to your ears. Instead, the vibration is passed directly to any surface that it is in physical contact with. The surface is vibrated and, in turn, vibrates the air.

The vibration speaker provides an interesting method of demonstrating the physics of sound and allows experimentation with the transmission of vibrations with various frequencies in different materials. The speaker is suitable for use with any amplifier that normally uses an 8Ω speaker and is ideal for use with our audio amplifier project kits, 13-0106 and 70-0199.

  • Ideal for sound and vibration experiments and demonstrations
  • 8 Ohm impedance
  • 1 Watt output power
IP Rating N/A
Nominal Size 27mm
Power 1W
Type Vibration


8 Ohm Vibration Speaker.

Reviewed by: Mr Alan Gill - 21 September 2015
Bought this to experiment with,works well but has no flange or fixings so is very difficult to mount.

Very neat idea

Reviewed by: Natalie Winter - 06 March 2013
I used this device, glued inside the front of an ABS case, as the transducer for progress/warning tones from a digital controller. It works extremely well, a lot louder than the usual miniature speaker and of course fully sealed and "invisible". A very neat idea!