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Texas Instruments CD4001BE Quad 2 Input NOR Gate

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Brand: Texas Instruments  MPN: CD4001BE 
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This Texas Instruments HCF4001B quad 2 input NOR gate IC is available in a DIL-14 package. A part of the CMOS 4000 range.

  • 3 to 20VDC supply voltage
  • 40ns Propagation Delay, 0.2W Power
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature
  • All inputs and outputs are buffered

DeviceFunctionPackageMftr.Order code
4001BQuad 2 input Nor gateDIL-14TI83-0316
4007UBETwo CMOS pairs plus inverterDIL-14TI51-6311
4011BQuad 2-input NAND gateDIL-14TI83-0328
4012BEDual 4 input NAND gatesDIL-14TI51-6314
4013BEDual D type flip flopDIL-14TI83-0332
4014B8-bit shift registerDIL-16TI83-0334
4015BEDual 4 stage shift reg. (serial in/parallel out)DIL-16TI83-0337
4017BDecade counter/dividerDIL-16TI83-0340
4023BTriple 3-input NOR gateDIL-14TI83-0353
4024B7 stage binary counterDIL-14TI83-0354
4025BTriple 3-input NOR gateDIL-14ST83-0356
4026BDecade ctr w dec 7 seg outputDIL-16TI83-0359
4027BEDual JK master/slave flip flopsDIL-16TI51-6312
4028BBCD-to-decimal decoderDIL-16NXP83-0363
4030BQuad XOR gateDIL-14ST83-0366
4035BE4 stage shift register (parallel in/parallel out)DIL-16TI51-6318
4041UBQuad true/complement bufferDIL-14TI83-0800
4042BQuad clocked D-type latchesDIL-16ST83-0370
4044BEQuad NAND SR latchesDIL-16TI51-6014
4046BMicropower PLLDIL-16ST83-0376
4049UBHex inverters/buffersDIL-16TI83-0380
4051BAnalogue MUX/DEMUXDIL-16TI83-0384
4053BAnalogue MUX/DEMUXDIL-16TI83-0388
4056B7-segment display driverDIL-16TI83-0812
4060B14 stage ripple carry binary ctrDIL-16TI83-0390
4070BQuad 2-input XOR gateDIL-14TI83-0400
4081BQuad 2-input AND gateDIL-14TI83-0414
4093BQuad 2-input NAND SchmittDIL-14TI83-0420
4094B8 stage shift+store bus registerDIL-16TI83-0422
40106BHex Schmitt triggerDIL-14TI83-0482
4508BDual 4-bit latchDIL-24TI83-0848
4510BBCD up/down counterDIL-16TI83-0442
4511BBCD to 7 segment dec/driverDIL-16TI83-0436
4516BBinary up/down counterDIL-16TI83-0445
4536BEProgrammable 24bit timerDIL-16TI51-6323
4538BDual monostable multivibratorDIL-17TI83-0466
4541BProgrammable timerDIL-14TI83-0468

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