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4000 Series CMOS Logic Family

<p>4000 Series CMOS logic devices with a DC supply voltage rating of up to 20V. The family has a large number of functions including analogue switches, monostable multivibrators, level converters, counters, timers, display drivers, and phase-locked loops (PLLs).</p>
  • Through hole packages
  • CMOS technology for low power consumption
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Applications include instrumentation, control and communications
DeviceFunctionPackageMftr.Order code
4001BQuad 2 input Nor gateDIL-14TI83-0316
4007UBETwo CMOS pairs plus inverterDIL-14TI51-6311
4011BQuad 2-input NAND gateDIL-14TI83-0328
4012BEDual 4 input NAND gatesDIL-14TI51-6314
4013BEDual D type flip flopDIL-14TI83-0332
4014B8-bit shift registerDIL-16TI83-0334
4015BEDual 4 stage shift reg. (serial in/parallel out)DIL-16TI83-0337
4017BDecade counter/dividerDIL-16TI83-0340
4023BTriple 3-input NOR gateDIL-14TI83-0353
4024B7 stage binary counterDIL-14TI83-0354
4025BTriple 3-input NOR gateDIL-14ST83-0356
4026BDecade ctr w dec 7 seg outputDIL-16TI83-0359
4027BEDual JK master/slave flip flopsDIL-16TI51-6312
4028BBCD-to-decimal decoderDIL-16NXP83-0363
4030BQuad XOR gateDIL-14ST83-0366
4035BE4 stage shift register (parallel in/parallel out)DIL-16TI51-6318
4041UBQuad true/complement bufferDIL-14TI83-0800
4042BQuad clocked D-type latchesDIL-16ST83-0370
4044BEQuad NAND SR latchesDIL-16TI51-6014
4046BMicropower PLLDIL-16ST83-0376
4049UBHex inverters/buffersDIL-16TI83-0380
4051BAnalogue MUX/DEMUXDIL-16TI83-0384
4053BAnalogue MUX/DEMUXDIL-16TI83-0388
4056B7-segment display driverDIL-16TI83-0812
4060B14 stage ripple carry binary ctrDIL-16TI83-0390
4070BQuad 2-input XOR gateDIL-14TI83-0400
4081BQuad 2-input AND gateDIL-14TI83-0414
4093BQuad 2-input NAND SchmittDIL-14TI83-0420
4094B8 stage shift+store bus registerDIL-16TI83-0422
40106BHex Schmitt triggerDIL-14TI83-0482
4508BDual 4-bit latchDIL-24TI83-0848
4510BBCD up/down counterDIL-16TI83-0442
4511BBCD to 7 segment dec/driverDIL-16TI83-0436
4516BBinary up/down counterDIL-16TI83-0445
4536BEProgrammable 24bit timerDIL-16TI51-6323
4538BDual monostable multivibratorDIL-17TI83-0466
4541BProgrammable timerDIL-14TI83-0468
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13 May 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Can i use MC14029BCPG OR CD4029 Presettable Binary/Decade up/down counter ic to replace a GD4029B IC,spent half a day looking for an replacement got confused because they is so many different codes. Thanks
A. Hi Derek. Thank you for your question. The best we have been able to find in the range we have available is 83-0115 which has the same functions but some variations on the pin out configuration.

21 November 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 83-0359
Q. How would you manually reset the 4026 with a counter?
A. Hi Jack. Thank you for your question. An input switch would need to be added to the reset pin.

27 May 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 83-0340
Q. Does the 4017B come with the chip holder which allows me to solder it onto the PCB?
A. Thanks for your enquiry. The holder is not included with this product, it is available seperately as product code 22-1722.

19 February 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 83-0332
Q. can this chip feed an led as an indicator from the Q output.
A. Hi Mary, thanks for your question. This can be done as leds are very low current.

27 November 2011 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 83-0359
Q. will thw 4026 drive both common anode and common cathode displays? Whats the out put current per segment with fig 8 displayed?
A. This product is designed to run the common cathode displays but it can be set up to run a common anode. Unfortunately we do not have the information on how to do this as it does require some modification. Power output per pin 1Ma at 4.5 volts and 4Ma at 9volts