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RVFM 2.4mm x 1.2m Heat Shrink Sleeve Black


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RVFM 2.4mm x 1.2m Heat Shrink Sleeve Black
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Black 2.4mm heat shrink sleeving suitable for all applications. It shrinks when heat is applied; making it ideal for when a snug fit is required, on an irregularly shaped joint for example. It is also perfect for repairing wires, bundling wires together, and protecting wires or small parts from minor abrasion.
  • Excellent flame retardant properties
  • Excellent flexibility and insulation
  • Thermally stabilised flame retardant polyolefin
  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Temperature range –55°C to +125°C
  • Shrinking temperature starts at +70°C and totally shrunk at 115°C
  • Size quoted is size before shrinking
  • UL224 and VW-1 approved
  • Supplied in lengths of 1.2m

Order codeMftrs Part No.
03-23401.6mm Black
03-23412.4mm Black
03-23423.2mm Black
03-23434.8mm Black
03-23446.4mm Black
03-23459.5mm Black
03-234612.7mm Black
03-234719.1mm Black
03-234825.4mm Black
03-234938.1mm Black
03-235050.8mm Black
03-23511.6mm Red
03-23522.4mm Red
03-23533.2mm Red
03-23544.8mm Red
03-23556.4mm Red
03-23569.5mm Red
03-235819.1mm Red
03-235925.4mm Red
03-235712.7mm Red
03-23621.6mm Yellow
03-23632.4mm Yellow
03-23654.8mm Yellow
03-23666.3mm Yellow
03-23679.5mm Yellow
03-236812.7mm Yellow
03-236919.1mm yellow
03-237025.4mm Yellow
03-237138.1mm Yellow
03-23731.6mm Green
03-23742.4mm Green
03-23753.2mm Green
03-23764.8mm Green
03-23789.5mm Green
03-237912.7mm Green
03-23841.6mm Clear
03-23852.4mm Clear
03-23863.2mm Clear
03-23874.8mm Clear
03-23886.4mm Clear
03-23899.5mm Clear
03-239012.7mm Clear
03-239119.1mm Clear
03-239225.4mm Clear
03-239338.1mm Clear
03-23951.6mm Blue
03-239619.1mm Clear
03-23973.2mm Blue
03-23984.8mm Blue
03-23996.4mm Blue
03-24009.5mm Blue
03-240219.1mm Blue
03-24072.4mm Grey
03-24106.4mm Grey
03-241212.7mm Grey
03-24171.6mm Purple
03-24182.4mm Purple
03-24193.2mm Purple
03-24281.6mm White
03-24292.4mm White
03-24303.2mm White
03-24314.8mm White
03-24326.4mm White
03-24339.5mm White
03-243412.7mm White
03-243519.1mm White
03-243625.4mm White
Shrinktek MINI REELS 2.4 BLK 2.4mm Black 11m Heat Shrink

Order Code: 03-0260


  • ROHS : Compliant
Price per unit
1+ 5+
£6.02 £5.31
In Stock
Same day despatch
Alternatives Shrinktek MINI REELS 2.4 BLK 2.4mm Black 11m Heat Shrink 03-0260 5.31000 Shrinktek 1 /shrinktek-mini-reels-2-4-blk-2-4mm-black-11m-heat-shrink-03-0260
Shrinktek SP 2.4 BLK 2.4mm x 1.2m Heat Shrink Sleeve Black

Order Code: 03-0505


  • ROHS : Compliant
Price per unit
1+ 5+ 10+
£0.764 £0.546 £0.437
In Stock
Same day despatch
Alternatives Shrinktek SP 2.4 BLK 2.4mm x 1.2m Heat Shrink Sleeve Black 03-0505 0.43700 Shrinktek 1 /shrinktek-sp-2-4-blk-2-4mm-x-1-2m-heat-shrink-sleeve-black-03-0505

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Get it while you can!
Reviewed by: Spencer Tomlinson
04 June 2015

Well I was gutted Rapid are no longer selling this heatshrink. its perfect for safely joining D Cells to make portable packs and shrinks as it should by roughly 2:1. This is thick material too. Unlike other cheaper lesser branded heatsink its uniform as well. often when heatshrink gets to this diameter it is no longer uniform, Rapid have obviously got their act together with the supplier. Its easy to say 5 stars Great, Great, Great but after years of junk from other entities you feel blissfully aware your not using second class goods with this heatshrink. In summary.....get it while you can. You will regret it if you don't. When its gone...it means your taking a chance on buying second class goods elsewhere.!!! With high capacity NiCad -D Cells in my instance.....that's not good.

Reviewed by: Phil
02 June 2014

great product - needed some clear heat shrink quickly and nowhere stocked in locally, but Rapid to the rescue; it turned up the next day! Result!!!

Very good and cheap
Reviewed by:
11 September 2011

Previously i have bought heatshrink (the small size) at around 1cm. At first i thought it was a trick but no, its great, very nice and cheap