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RK Education RKP08c PICAXE/Genie Compatible Compact 8-Pin PIC Project PCB Kit

<p>A kit of parts to build the RKP08c compact project board that has been designed to be fully compatible with Genie®, PIC® and PICAXE®*.</p>
  • Low cost and simple method of prototyping 8 pin Genie®, PICAXE® and PIC® projects
  • Can be used with most PIC® and all Genie® and PICAXE® 8 pin Microcontrollers
  • Can also be used with Crocodile Clips® and Pic Logicator®
  • Professional double sided PCB
  • Ultra compact
  • Includes a software download socket
  • Input and outputs are accessed via plated through holes around the MCU
  • PCB includes 0V and 5V power rails
  • Available as a kit or as a blank PCB
  • Excellent method for students and hobbyists to produce Genie®, PIC® and PICAXE® projects
1xRKP08C compact PCB
1x0.1uF +/-20% 50V Y5V P:2.54mm radial ceramic capacitor
1xPCB jack socket (stereo) 3.5mm
1x1N4007 1A 1000V silicon rectifier diode
1x10K CR25 0.25W CF resistor box
1x22K CR25 0.25W CF resistor box
1xSPDT ultra miniature slide switch
1xCTB5201/2BK 2-way 16A low profile terminal block 5mm pitch
2x8-pin DIL socket, narrow 7.62mm without central support
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