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R-TECH Desolder Braid

<P><STRONG>R-TECH Desoldering Braid Solder Remover</STRONG> is a specially treated braided wick coated with rosin flux which draws up molten solder leaving joints clean for removal of components.</P><P><BR>Used as an alternative to solder suckers or solder pumps.Can be used in applications where unwanted/excess solder residue needs to be cleaned up or old solder removed for repair work. For example when removing solder from circuit boards, terminals &amp; components, or when replacing a component.</P>
  • Supplied in a handy plastic dispenser
  • Ideal for all general-purpose electronics assembly and rework applications
  • Alternative to solder suckers or solder pumps
  • Gentle desoldering which reduces the risk of damage to fragile components
  • No corrosive residues
  • Fast acting capillary action
  • Rosin flux
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