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PJP Professional Prototyping Board and Jumper Wire with Spare Contacts

<p>Professional prototyping board with a total of 555 contacts arranged in two blocks of 43 rows of five interconnected sockets on a 2.54mm (0.1in) pitch.</p>
  • 5 other rows of 25 interconnected sockets, two on either side and one central between the two main blocks, are for use as bus-bars
  • The central gap between the two blocks of contacts allows DIL packaged devices to be inserted without the use of adaptors
  • Individual boards can be clipped together both sideways and end-on to produce larger boards
  • Contacts are replaceable from underneath the board if damaged
  • Dimensions (excluding joining lugs): 114 x 48 x 12mm
  • A connection and maintenance kit is available comprising ten 1m lengths of single cored, colour-coded PVC covered wire for interconnections, plus five strips of five-way contacts and one 25-way contact strip for replacements
Order codeMftrs Part No.
34-055019100Prototyping board
34-055519104Wire & contacts kit
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