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Mega Electronics 600-033 PCB Fine Etch Crystals 400g for 2 Ltrs

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An alternative etchant, with superior performace compared to standard ferric chloride.
  • Di-Sodium Peroxodisulphate Hexahydrate
  • Completely odourless
  • Remains clear
  • Does not crystallise out
  • Achieves satisfactory etching in 6 to 8 min. at 45 to 50°C
  • Supplied in a pack of approx. 400g in powder form, to produce approx. 2 litres respectively of working solution
  • 400g pack is supplied as 4x 100g sachets

Suitable for use with etch tanks 34-0760, 34-0764 and 34-0765.
Order codeMftrs Part No.
34-0392600-033400g etchant (2 litres)
34-0394600-0141.1kg etchant (5 litres)

Question by H KING | Product code: 34-0392
06 April 2013

Q What is chemical name of product for purpose of Workshop shelf labeling
A Hi H King. Thank you for your question. The active ingredient is disodium peroxodisulphate Hexahydrate.

Question by mark hanson | Product code: 34-0392
03 May 2012

Q 34-0392 will this make 2000ml of pcb etchant solution? Trying to keep my costs down, radio shack do it already bottled but is 3x as expensive as this if it is the same product. Thank you.
A Thanks for your enquiry Mark. Yes this product will make 2 litres of PCB etchant solution.

Does the job without the mess
Reviewed by: Mr Scott Britchford
07 January 2016

When I started making my own boards for quick prototypes, I originally used ferric chloride. Whilst it etches, it leaves one hell of a mess so I tried this stuff. It's almost odourless (very faint odour of what smells a bit like bleach), colourless, doesn't stain, and its clarity means you can see when your board is done. It turns a nice pale blue as you etch until it gets to a sea-blue when I suspect it is saturated with copper and etching becomes painfully slow. Totally worth the price because if you're making lots of boards and need to save money, its cheaper to get them made professionally - but if you only make a few boards at a time this is the stuff to use. 5mil traces are achievable and it doesn't seem to etch under the etching mask.