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Medline E Series Temperature Controlled Heating Mantles

<p> <P>Medline E Series Temperature Controlled Heating Mantles have Nichrome wire heating elements and woven glass fibre mat mantles. An important addition to any science laboratory, the Medline E Series mantles benefit from rugged steel construction and can heat up to 450&deg;C.</P> </p>
  • Nichrome wire heating element
  • Mantle made from woven glass fibre mat
  • Steel case construction with chemical-resistant coating
  • Moulded silica powder thermal insulation
  • Temperature range up to 450°C (Max.)
  • Power Supply: 220V AC
Model No.CapacityWatts
E100550ml60 W
E102250ml150 W
E103500ml260 W
E1041000ml350 W
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13 July 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. This is probably a silly question but, assuming you bought the 500 ml mantle, could you then use a 250 ml round bottom flask. I.e would it fit any size up to 500 ml or are they exclusively for each size of flask? Thank you
A. Hi Marc. Thank you for your question. As long as the flask will physically fir then we see no issues with using the mantle in this manner.

29 February 2012 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 52-0451
Q. does this take pear shaped flasks
A. Thanks for your enquiry Daniel. In principle yes but it depends on how pear shaped the bottom of the flask is. If the lower half is a circular and not a pear shape then it will fit no problem.