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Mains / Equipment Cable

When it comes to purchasing mains and equipment cables, you’ll be spoilt for choice browsing Rapid’s impressive range – one that includes all the essential cables such as earth, PVC mains, 2-core/3-core and silicon.

But that’s not all, Unistrand provide a range of CY cables, SY cables and YY cables that interconnect and remain ideal for measuring, controlling or regulation in control equipment for assembly and production lines, conveyors and computer units - their waterproof Hi Tuff Cables are also perfect for outdoor use.

Elsewhere in the range are the SWA cables that are great for fixed installations either indoor, outdoor, laying in ducts, embedding in concrete or direct burial.

A selection of these mains and equipment cables can be despatched the same day and don’t forget you get FREE nationwide delivery with all orders over £30.