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Kemo M167N Water Level Meter Module

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Brand: Kemo  MPN: M167N  EAN-13: 4024028031675
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The Kemo M167N water level meter indicates on a10-level LED display, the water level in any water tank where it is not immediately possible to see the water level. This could be a garden water butt or a water tank on a caravan or boat. The module has been designed to be attached easily to walls or the side of tanks.

The module works using water's conductive properties, by submersing a multi-core wire in the water tank. Each of up to 10 core wires is fixed at a different level within the tank leading back to the water level meter module. Once water reaches each level, a circuit is completed causing the appropriate LED to light up on the module when the test button is pressed. The configuration of each level is up to the user but placing each of the 10 wires equidistant from one another, from the bottom to the top of the tank, will give a reading of 10% tank volume per LED.

A cable of up to 100m can be used with this module, allowing large or deep tanks to be monitored.
  • Quickly read off the water level within a water tank from the LED display
  • Kemo type M167N

Takes 2x AA batteries, not included.


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