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Loctite is relied upon every day for its incredible strength and durability. Rapid is proud to be able to supply customers directly with a comprehensive range of Loctite products, so that you are never stuck for a solution.

Why do people love Loctite? Is it because the same type of threadlocking adhesive you might use around your workshop also secures the bolts of the gigantic boring machines that have dug the Crossrail tunnels deep beneath London? Or that just three grams of structural bonding adhesive is enough to pull a freight train with a combined weight of 208 tons?

Harnessing this super strength adhesive for your everyday applications is the key to the appeal of Loctite. Superior bond strength, long life and flexibility are just some of the characteristics that go into making Loctite adhesive such an effective way to bond, seal, retain and secure.

The tightest of bonds

Rapid has developed a very close bond with Loctite. We are delighted to offer customers a comprehensive service, supplying a range of products that meet all of your adhesive, sealant, cleaning and degreasing requirements. We have the product knowledge and the technical expertise to fully support you, including providing the following services: