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CodeBug Wearable Programmable Computer Board with 4 Inputs

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Brand: CodeBug  MPN: CodeBug 
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CodeBug offers an exciting new way to learn about electronics and coding. By following the instruction sheet in the CodeBug box, you will create a scrolling LED name badge in just a couple of minutes, without downloading any complicated software. The CodeBug website has excellent learning and activity guides to help you get acquainted with your new gadget.

CodeBug appears as a memory stick when it's plugged into your PC or laptop via USB so there are no drivers to load. You program it by dragging and dropping program files into it, just like a memory stick. To start with, you create programs using a visual programming language called Blocky (it's like Scratch) in your web browser. There's even a simulator that lets you run your program on screen first to spot any misbehaviour and fix it quickly.

CodeBug has a 5 x 5 LED matrix which you can use for scrolling messages or simple graphics. There are two user buttons and four input / output (IO) signals, these allow you to connect to lights, switches, sensors and more. With an additional driver chip, four outputs is enough to control the direction and speed of a stepper motor for example. The input signals can be made touch-sensitive which opens a whole range of creative opportunities and also means you don't necessarily need physical switches to make interesting projects. You can connect croc-clips or conductive thread to the large IO pads for prototyping or to make wearable projects. On the flip side of the board there is a battery holder for a CR2032 coin battery (not supplied) or you can power the board from the micro-USB port (but not at the same time).

Take your interest as far and as fast as you want. If you are feeling adventurous you can plug CodeBug into a Raspberry Pi and start learning Python.

  • Write your first program in minutes
  • No drivers to install or software to download
  • Micro-USB to connect to a PC or laptop
  • 5 x5 LED matrix for scrolling text or simple graphics
  • Touch sensitive inputs
  • Designed to be wearable
  • Measures 39 x 47 x 9.8mm (1.5 x 1.9 x 0.4in)
Type MCU board


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