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Anvil Desoldering Tools

<p>The <STRONG>Anvil desoldering pump </STRONG>is a spring loaded, piston driven solder removal tool which creates a powerful vacuum to suck up molten solder. The piston is primed before the solder is heated and released by pressing a button. Spare tips are available to extend the working life of the tool, 85-0611 is an ESD safe nozzle and 85-0609 is the standard Teflon nozzle.</p>
  • Simple one handed operation
  • Aluminium body
  • Push button action for fast, precise working
  • Tough, metal bodied desoldering tool
  • Nozzle can be quickly removed for cleaning or replacement
  • Available with standard or antistatic (ESD) tip for use with static sensitive devices
Order codeMftrs Part No.
85-0601AV-DSPStd Desoldering Tool
85-0609AV-DSPNStandard Nozzle
85-0603AV-DSPEESD Desoldering Tool
85-0611AV-DSPENESD Nozzle
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