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Antex XS 25W Mains Powered Soldering Irons

<P>A range of mains powered 25W soldering irons from Antex.</P><P>Highly respected by both industrial users and hobbyists alike, Antex soldering irons have become one of today's classic soldering tools. It is a tribute to the simple, yet highly effective basic design of the XS25W miniature electric soldering iron that it has changed little over the years.</P>
  • Inner ceramic shaft provides near-perfect insulation with virtually no leakage (3 to 5µA)
  • Outer stainless steel shaft for strength
  • Bits are held on the element shaft by an internal spring clip and simply slide on or off for changing
  • Supplied complete with 2.3mm bit and mains cable
  • Optional heat-proof silicone cable ideal for the educational environment
  • Optional fitted UK 13A mains plug
  • See Technical Specification for available options
  • Slide-on hanging hooks for the irons are available separately
  • Antex type XS25W
Order codeModelVoltageTypeCablePlug
85-1140XS25W230VStandardPVCUK 13A
85-1145XS25W230VStandardSiliconeUK 13A
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28 April 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. Morning, We have several of your Antex soldering irons by the serial number above. Over the year they seem, despite my efforts, to struggle to reach temperature. Please advise me what to do ie. but new tips (Qu what size are standard?), method of cleaning existing tips? temperature at which these irons should work. Thanks for help and look forward to hearing from you soon. If need arise for me to but new tips I need to receive them by Thursday Alan S
A. Hi Alan, thank you for your question. It sounds like the irons require new elements, see 85-0530. It may be worth purchasing new tips as well. The best option for cleaning is the sponge or tip cleaner to be used after several uses and after the iron has been finished using put some solder on the tip and switch off the iron.

12 March 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1140
Q. Can the temperature of the iron be adjusted? If not, do you have any alternate products where this is possible?
A. Hi Michael. Thank you for your question. These are a fixed temperature mains powered soldering iron to keep with Antex you will need a station and iron to have temperature control like 85-4750.

07 February 2014 Question by: Rapid Customer | Product code: 85-1140
Q. Does the iron have the heat free silicone power lead.
A. Hi SJ. Thank you for your question. The silicone cable version of this iron is available on 85-1145.

06 March 2013 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. What kind of tip does it come with?
A. Hi, thank you for your question. This soldering iron is supplied with a 3mm bit - 85-0539 would be the replacement.

31 December 2011 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. I ordered electronics from Rapid including a 25 w Soldering Iron, but I live in the United States where the house plugs are all 120 volts and the Soldering Iron Rapid sent me is for 240 volts - so can I take the 240 volt plug off and put a USA standard household plug on the iron to make it work here or do I need to return it and order the 110 vols iron which I did not think of when I ordered the iron??
A. Thanks for your enquiry. I'm afraid you cannot change the plug as the element is set up for 230V. The best option would be to order product 85-1141 which is a 110V version. Please get in contact with our sales department to arrange an exchange.