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Antex Soldering Bits for XS and XSL Soldering Irons

<p>Soldering bits suitable for the Antex XS and XSL ranges of soldering irons.</p>
  • Bits are held in place by an internal spring
  • 'L' versions are extra plated to increase protection from the more aggressive fluxes used with lead-free solder
Order codeMftrs Part No.
85-0535B0050H850 2.3mm XS
85-5094B0050L050L 2.3mm XSL
85-0540B0051H851 3.0mm XS
85-5096B0051L051L 3.0mm XSL
85-0545B0052H852 4.7mm XS
85-0537B0053H853 2.3mm XS
85-0539B0054H854 3.0mm XS
85-0531B0055H855 0.5mm XS
85-5098B0055L055L 0.5mm XSL
85-0532B0056H856 1.0mm XS
85-0533B0057H857 0.12mm XS