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Antex Soldering Bits for XS and XSL Soldering Irons

<p>Soldering bits suitable for the Antex XS and XSL ranges of soldering irons.</p>
  • Bits are held in place by an internal spring
  • 'L' versions are extra plated to increase protection from the more aggressive fluxes used with lead-free solder
Order codeMftrs Part No.
85-0535B0050H850 2.3mm XS
85-5094B0050L050L 2.3mm XSL
85-0540B0051H851 3.0mm XS
85-5096B0051L051L 3.0mm XSL
85-0545B0052H852 4.7mm XS
85-0537B0053H853 2.3mm XS
85-0539B0054H854 3.0mm XS
85-0531B0055H855 0.5mm XS
85-5098B0055L055L 0.5mm XSL
85-0532B0056H856 1.0mm XS
85-0533B0057H857 0.12mm XS
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13 January 2015 Question by: Rapid Customer
Q. What material is the bit made of?
A. Hi Chris. Thank you for your question. The tips are normally made from copper with an iron plating and tinned to extend life.