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Eisco Linear Air Track Kit with Accessories

<P>This linear air track kit is designed to provide a cost-effective, virtually friction-free environment for the study of all aspects of dynamics. It is particularly effective in the field of collisions, where conservation of momentum can be dramatically demonstrated. Air is blown though holes in the track by an air pump (sold separately) to produce a cushion of air under the sliders.</P><P>The kit contains everything required for a wide array of experiments covering velocity, force and acceleration, potential energy, kinetic energy, conservation of energy, SHM (Simple Harmonic Motion) as well as motion on level and inclined planes.</P><P>The air track is supplied with a comprehensive accessory pack to suit many types of interaction. The pack includes vehicles with mass attachments, catapults and buffers. The gliders are designed to accept standard slotted masses for additional loads.</P>
  • Cost-effective system for the study of all aspects of dynamics
  • Ideal for classroom use
  • Virtually friction-free for accurate demonstrations
  • Designed to accept standard slotted masses
  • Includes a comprehensive set of accessories
  • Dimensions: 1620 x 180 x 320mm
  • Weight: 11.3kg
  • Eisco type PH0362A

Supplied without air blower. See order code 52-3385 for a suitable model.

For measurement of the gliders speed, standard light gates and timers will be required.

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